Meet some current and former WP Creations business owners


Pre Owners

“Hey, just wanted  for all of your help and answering my questions!” Audrey

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me yesterday, you have been amazing through this whole process.” Tracey

“The audio files in the Opportunity Program were so detailed and helped me think about things I hadn’t yet thought about.” Joanne

“The audio files in the Opportunity Program had a lot of good information and were easy to listen to.” Tracey

“The Opportunity Program was so easy to use and full of good information that both my husband and I were able to listen to”

WP Business Owners

“Hey Jamie, I just wanted to say Thank You so much for all you’ve done for me since I started this new journey. I know it can’t be easy looking after all us new Wee Piggies. I hope you are proud of all your accomplishments with Wee Piggies, because even though I’ve barely begun, I can tell the franchisees are very lucky to have you on our side.” Sue

Working for Wee Piggies has been a wonderful experience for me so far but having a head office that cares and supports the team, makes a good company a great one!” Sue

“Thank you for the wonderful Christmas treat!!  ?  I feel so blessed to be doing something I love with such amazing leadership.  Looking forward to everything the New Year had in store for WP Creations!!” Eva

I just wanted to say thanks again for listening to me today and your advice.” Megan

Wee Piggies has done so much for my life since my daughter Ava passed away. It kept me busy, distracted, grounded, in touch with people, freedom, flexibility, allowed me to stay home with Alivia and now Anaya. It many ways, I believe Wee Piggies saved me because it filled my days with purpose. Kept me getting up in the morning. Well, Alivia did that, but if I had clients, I had to get up and get ready and greet the day. I also have the most amazing keepsakes of Ava, Alivia, and Anaya. Truly, my Wee Piggies experience has been priceless. Thank you!!!  XOXOXO” Sherri

“Jamie, I appreciate all of your hard work behind the scenes.  It’s nice to be a part of a company who cares so much about their brand and making it grow :)” Kristian

Past Owners

Hi Debbie and Jamie, I wanted to say thank you for your time, passion, friendship and assistance over the last few years. I have learned many things about myself and my capabilities as a franchisee. I will never forget all the good moments and life lessons.

Wee Piggies have changed a lot during the past years and I think that the structure that you are bringing will definitely make a difference in all these women’s business and life.
I wish you all the best in your family life and in your future in general.
Take care,” May

Thank you for all your support over the years. I’ve learned so much!” Lori


Support Coaches

Support Testimonials


“I like how training was set up.  It was in an environment where it made it easy for me to see how it might fit within my home.” Danielle


“It was really helpful being able to learn the techniques in person and meet other new franchisees who were starting their business at the same time!” Jennifer – Grand Prairie


“My training was great, really informative and lots of opportunity to practise. I liked how everything was hands on.” Ashley – Bowmanville

Marketing Support

“I’m so glad that I went out of my comfort zone and joined boot camp. I gained the confidence I needed to approach local businesses and have made many Community Friends. I have 1 pop up shop scheduled and another in the works and I’m beyond excited to work with them. I pushed myself a lot in August and I’m on track to having my best month yet for sales 🙂 Thanks again” Kristian London WP Creations

“Boot Camp pushed me out of my comfort zone, got me organized, and got me energized. If I hadn’t participated in bootcamp I don’t think I would have made the connection with a new photographer. All I had to do was put myself out there and Boot Camp gave me a reason to do that, it gave me the confidence to try. I am revamping my whole organizing system based on the things I have learned durning this Boot Camp, what I was doing wasn’t working but I didn’t know what else to do until I was shown. I have gotten myself pumped up and ready for the upcoming holiday season and can’t wait to see what the season brings.  Thank you for taking the time and energy to teach us “ Laura Windsor NS WP Creations

“As a new franchisee I learned how to market & promote my business.” Joanne Calgary South WP Creations

“Bootcamp kept me on track with my marketing by making me accountable to complete tasks. I stuck to my marketing plan and was able to schedule most of my September up. I noticed a huge difference with my bookings when I kept it up versus not putting much work Into it. My first week of September I made more then I did all summer because I put the effort into the marketing system. Thank you for this and I look forward to the next one!” Ashley Bowmanville WP Creations

Business Coach Support

“I always felt like I had someone to turn to with any questions/concerns that I had. All of my calls or emails were answered in a timely manner and my coach was so helpful in making me feel confident launching my new business!” Jennifer – Grande Prairie


“I loved having the coaching calls after my training. It was great for me to write down questions I had during the week and discuss at the next coaching call. My coach really helped me to stay on track with my business and answered all the questions I had. Thank you for your time.” Ashley – Bowmanville

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