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At WP Creations we want to invite all of you to become a part of our family. Our personal one on one experience is what sets us apart in our industry. We welcome our clients into our studios and establish a special experience of creating their loved ones’ keepsake. We strive to make each and every product with the utmost pride and care.

We are in the business of remembrance and making time stand still and we will continually strive to provide the highest quality products available. We further commit to operating our company in a manner that focuses on giving families the opportunity to work from home, essentially to “have it all” and to promote women in business.

We are proud entrepreneurs, and we love what we do.

Currently we have over 40  entrepreneurs who contribute a little bit of themselves and their strengths into this business and this is what continues to make it flourish.  Our variety of business models are available throughout North America and vary depending on where the entrepreneur resides.

To find out which business model is available in your area, please complete the form on this page and we will invite you to our opportunity program to learn more about what we have to offer.

Thank you for your interest in our brand and we hope you help spread the word about this unique keepsake and work-at-home opportunity.



Jamie Berube – President & CEO of WP Creations

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These business models have grown in popularity due both to the impressive success rate of owning a  business as well as the increased desire to start a business with ‘instant history’ and a proven track record.

Long past is the need to put in months or years of research, market and product development;  all this has been done for you.

Trademarks, templates, branding and marketing has been established and acquired for you to use.

As a franchisee and licensee, you receive training and support resources to establish and maintain your business.  You’ll gain insight and knowledge from the experiences not only from me, the franchisor/licensor, but also from existing WP Creations business owners.

Joining our team means you are able to start your business using our dependable, reliable suppliers and receive large volume discounts. You have full access to our custom-made supplies and materials designed for us and exclusive within the industry.

This alone could easily put your business, at it’s 2nd year, at a place you would not be able to reach within 7-10 years of doing a similar business on your own.

Our business opportunities require an initial investment often greater than starting a similar business on your own, but can pay off quickly, both in time an money.

Consider the advantages of a WP Creations business opportunity

  • Ease of start-up
  • Less risk
  • Professional training
  • National branding
  • On-going product development
  • Increased profitability (large volume discounts)
  • Access to exclusive and custom-made products/materials
  • Use of logos, trademarks and templates
  • Support resources

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The price for this type of opportunity varies depending on whether it’s a new or resale territory.  A new territory means that there currently is no franchise owner operating within that territory. Resales of a ‘franchise’ business opportunity typically sell for more as they have proven sales from previous years,  a larger kit of tools, materials, samples, marketing, time invested, repeat business and goodwill.

Tools, materials and supplies are provided in both types of franchises.

Franchisees also receive an exclusive territory,  the license rights to the marks and products but are also required to follow the formula of our franchise system. Our  franchise systems are given the rights to sell all products as listed on the WPCreations.com website.

‘Licence Locations’

The price for this type of business also varies depending on whether it’s a new licence opportunity or a resale. Resales of a ‘licence’ business opportunity typically sell for more as they have proven sales from previous years,  a larger kit of tools, materials, samples, marketing, time invested, repeat business and goodwill.

This licence provides the rights to the marks and products within a specific area (province of Quebec or State) and are not required to follow the formula of our franchise system.

Considering purchasing a WP Creations Opportunity  Contact us here for info and pricing for your area.

Along with a sincere love of children, we have found the most successful WP Creations business owners are highly motivated, organized Moms with a strong desire to succeed. Our ideal candidate is also:



Friendly and outgoing (not nervous approaching new alliances and/or trying new things)

Willing to be a team player

Possess a desire to participate and share winning ideas amongst the group

Financially able to sustain their lifestyle while their business is in the developmental stages.

Candidates should possess a strong attention to detail

Artistic ability is an asset but not at all essential

Have flexible dedicated work hours to market and sell products outside of your home studio

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WP Creations by Wee Piggies started as an award-winning Franchise Concept and has since grown in it’s business opportunities throughout North America.

Designed around the concept of what the ‘perfect’ work-at-home business would mean to someone requiring flexibility in their work hours.  WP Creations by Wee Piggies has experienced growth at an astounding rate, becoming one of the fastest-growing Home-Based businesses in Canada.

Business owners receive professional training not only on ‘how’ to produce products, but resources on how to market and develop their business over time.

This sense of pride in owning your own business, while at the same time, the flexibility to work around your family’s schedule enables women to achieve the ‘balance’ they desire.

With over 40 locations throughout North America, and a Head Office developing the business full-time, our business owners never feel like they are in business alone, therefore greatly increasing the chance of success!

Considering purchasing a WP Creations business opportunity?  Contact us here for info

Jamie Lee Berube, President and Creative Director

Cambridge Wee PiggiesBefore joining Head Office in November of 2012, Jamie owned and operated a successful Wee Piggies (Now WP Creations) franchise. Her formal training in Sales, Leadership Development, and E-Commerce Management has helped to grow a strong business model, while her tech savvy capabilities and the drive to learn the current trends, has brought the company new technological advancements. Her commitment to product development and quality has continued to make WP Creations by Wee Piggies the leader in our industry.

A mom to three, and married to her college sweetheart, Shawn, Jamie loves to spend her time surrounded by TONS of family, socializing with friends and travelling whenever time allows.

Jamie has put her heart and soul into WP Creations. Her passion and enthusiasm of the company and dedication to our franchisees is the pillar to our success.

Our Franchisees – The Backbone of the Business

Our franchisees are the foundation and the fundamental core of WP Creations. They efficiently manage their own businesses and take the utmost pride in their workmanship. Their commitment to our brand is what makes our products so unique and special. They know the significance of what they create and what it means to our customers. They are dedicated, knowledgeable, courteous, and warmly welcome you into their home based studios where the process of creating a one of a kind keepsake begins.

To access their websites, and to book your appointment, please follow the link provided: https://wpcreations.com/location

We look forward to your feedback so that we can continue to revise and improve on our products and services. Please email info@wpcreations.com for any questions you may have.

Founder – Debbie Cornelius – Wee Piggies & Paws (now WP Creations) was established in 2001.   The whole thing began as an innocent attempt to preserve Debbie’s daughters’ handprints to give to her husband as a unique Father’s Day gift.

Being on maternity leave (and missing her sales and marketing career), provided Debbie the time and motivation to do all the research and development required to eventually (after much trial and error), produce an adorable, exact replica of her daughters’ tiny hands onto a piece of art she was proud to hang on her wall.

It was not long before Debbie’s friends (and then their friends) began asking if she could do their child’s handprints. Debbie knew instinctively there was a market for this product and that she could essentially turn this into the most perfect work-at-home job for herself and her family.

Soon afterwards, customers began coming to Debbie from hours away. In addition to telling her she had the most perfect ‘dream job’, they began asking Debbie to teach them how to do this so they too, could work from home.

She researched work-at-home opportunities and could find nothing even remotely similar to this. Debbie knew instantly this was what she wanted to do – to show Moms everywhere how to begin and manage a business of their own – how to find the balance in their lives which she had found in hers.

The choice to Franchise came from a belief of hers that if you are going to do something, you should do it right and give it all you’ve got!

Through much determination and assistance and support from her husband and family, she began working on what we believe is the most perfect work-at-home business.

Looking back, Debbie is so proud of how this business has grown, what it has developed into and mostly what it means to franchisees and their families.

Becoming a WP Creations business owner will enable you to jumpstart your business from the day you get home from training. There is no research, product or marketing development required; everything has all been done for you!

We have not only done all the legwork and negotiating to get you the best possible pricing and discounts on your raw materials, but we have also combined the greatest ideas and resources from over 40 Moms like you who are doing this same business and we share these all with you (on an on-going basis).

Other benefits of joining our team are:

  • Low initial investment
  • Low overhead/ minimal on-going expenses
  • No royalties
  • Hands-on training/workshop
  • Materials, tools and start-up supplies
  • Ongoing support from head office and fellow
  • Access to private internal resource site & private forum
  • National brand recognition
  • Use of trademark logo and name
  • Access to templates (postcards, business cards, ads, signage, etc)
  • Use of all marketing materials and templates
  • Full access to our suppliers/volume discounts and custom-made materials
  • No minimum or maximum sales quotas; you control how hard and how many hours you work (and in turn, of course, how well you do)
  • Flexible work schedule tailored around you and your family
  • A tremendous sense of self-satisfaction in becoming a member of the business community in owning your own business
  • Pride in having the ability to produce one-of-a-kind pieces of art (knowing that what you create will likely be a parents treasured possession)
  • With so many women to rely on, and so much information to access, you will never feel like you are alone; help and support will always be available to assist you in resolving issues that inevitably come up in any business
  • With a WP Creations business, you are in business for yourself, but never by yourself!

Considering purchasing a WP Creations business opportunity?  Contact us here for info

  • Our 'Green' commitment
    Reducing our use of plastic & our carbon footprint
    Did you know that most of the materials we use here at WP Creations are compostable? Our moulding material for our lifecasting and our raised impressions products are deposited into 'green bins' and composted at most of our Canadian locations. Working with babies and children require us to ensure our materials are safe to work with but it's also important that our materials are safe to the environment. We clean and re-use each of our containers rather than recycle to get new. We have a variety of mixing options that reduce our dependency of using bags for mixing our moulding materials and cements. We've brought most of our tools, materials and supplies in house to reduce the number of shipments each of our locations have had to place. We're always open to working with our team to reduce our waste and carbon footprint.
  • Our Future Green Initiatives
    Product Packaging
    Packaging is important to any brand's appearance but ultimately that is not the final deciding factor. Once we have used up the plastic bags we have in house (with some recycled materials), we will be moving in a direction of packaging made from more sustainable materials. We also have an in house recycle program where we bring extra tools and materials to our annual conference and exchange them with other franchise owners for other required tools and materials. Therefore we are not dependant on purchasing new for items that another location might have extras.
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Once we know who you are and where you're from, we'll invite you to the online business opportunity in your area.


Pre Owners

“Hey, just wanted  for all of your help and answering my questions!” Audrey

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me yesterday, you have been amazing through this whole process.” Tracey

“The audio files in the Opportunity Program were so detailed and helped me think about things I hadn’t yet thought about.” Joanne

“The audio files in the Opportunity Program had a lot of good information and were easy to listen to.” Tracey

“The Opportunity Program was so easy to use and full of good information that both my husband and I were able to listen to”

WP Business Owners

“Hey Jamie, I just wanted to say Thank You so much for all you’ve done for me since I started this new journey. I know it can’t be easy looking after all us new Wee Piggies. I hope you are proud of all your accomplishments with Wee Piggies, because even though I’ve barely begun, I can tell the franchisees are very lucky to have you on our side.” Sue

Working for Wee Piggies has been a wonderful experience for me so far but having a head office that cares and supports the team, makes a good company a great one!” Sue

“Thank you for the wonderful Christmas treat!!  ?  I feel so blessed to be doing something I love with such amazing leadership.  Looking forward to everything the New Year had in store for WP Creations!!” Eva

I just wanted to say thanks again for listening to me today and your advice.” Megan

Wee Piggies has done so much for my life since my daughter Ava passed away. It kept me busy, distracted, grounded, in touch with people, freedom, flexibility, allowed me to stay home with Alivia and now Anaya. It many ways, I believe Wee Piggies saved me because it filled my days with purpose. Kept me getting up in the morning. Well, Alivia did that, but if I had clients, I had to get up and get ready and greet the day. I also have the most amazing keepsakes of Ava, Alivia, and Anaya. Truly, my Wee Piggies experience has been priceless. Thank you!!!  XOXOXO” Sherri

“Jamie, I appreciate all of your hard work behind the scenes.  It’s nice to be a part of a company who cares so much about their brand and making it grow :)” Kristian

Past Owners

Hi Debbie and Jamie, I wanted to say thank you for your time, passion, friendship and assistance over the last few years. I have learned many things about myself and my capabilities as a franchisee. I will never forget all the good moments and life lessons.

Wee Piggies have changed a lot during the past years and I think that the structure that you are bringing will definitely make a difference in all these women’s business and life.
I wish you all the best in your family life and in your future in general.
Take care,” May

Thank you for all your support over the years. I’ve learned so much!” Lori

Meet some of our WP Creations business owners

Why they bought a WP Creations business opportunity

Support Coaches

Support Testimonials


“I like how training was set up.  It was in an environment where it made it easy for me to see how it might fit within my home.” Danielle


“It was really helpful being able to learn the techniques in person and meet other new franchisees who were starting their business at the same time!” Jennifer – Grand Prairie


“My training was great, really informative and lots of opportunity to practise. I liked how everything was hands on.” Ashley – Bowmanville

Marketing Support

“I’m so glad that I went out of my comfort zone and joined boot camp. I gained the confidence I needed to approach local businesses and have made many Community Friends. I have 1 pop up shop scheduled and another in the works and I’m beyond excited to work with them. I pushed myself a lot in August and I’m on track to having my best month yet for sales 🙂 Thanks again” Kristian London WP Creations

“Boot Camp pushed me out of my comfort zone, got me organized, and got me energized. If I hadn’t participated in bootcamp I don’t think I would have made the connection with a new photographer. All I had to do was put myself out there and Boot Camp gave me a reason to do that, it gave me the confidence to try. I am revamping my whole organizing system based on the things I have learned durning this Boot Camp, what I was doing wasn’t working but I didn’t know what else to do until I was shown. I have gotten myself pumped up and ready for the upcoming holiday season and can’t wait to see what the season brings.  Thank you for taking the time and energy to teach us “ Laura Windsor NS WP Creations

“As a new franchisee I learned how to market & promote my business.” Joanne Calgary South WP Creations

“Bootcamp kept me on track with my marketing by making me accountable to complete tasks. I stuck to my marketing plan and was able to schedule most of my September up. I noticed a huge difference with my bookings when I kept it up versus not putting much work Into it. My first week of September I made more then I did all summer because I put the effort into the marketing system. Thank you for this and I look forward to the next one!” Ashley Bowmanville WP Creations

Business Coach Support

“I always felt like I had someone to turn to with any questions/concerns that I had. All of my calls or emails were answered in a timely manner and my coach was so helpful in making me feel confident launching my new business!” Jennifer – Grande Prairie


“I loved having the coaching calls after my training. It was great for me to write down questions I had during the week and discuss at the next coaching call. My coach really helped me to stay on track with my business and answered all the questions I had. Thank you for your time.” Ashley – Bowmanville

Complete a short application to learn more!
Once we know who you are and where you're from, we'll invite you to the online business opportunity in your area.