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Being a mom of three has changed my life in the most challenging and rewarding ways. In the blink of an eye, through all of the chaos of everyday life, they grow up and you are left with just the memories, pictures, and keepsakes. Our products allow you to capture a part of your child that will never be this little again. As I sit back and look at my children’s precious casts I often wonder how we got to this point and where the time has gone. It brings me great joy to be able to provide you with those keepsakes to hold onto forever. Please contact me so that I can help you create your very own treasured keepsake pieces. 

 “Soon you’ll outgrow my lap, but never my heart” 

Kara Illerbrun

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  • Kara Illerbrun
  • 403-795-5272
  • Canyoncrest Point West Lethbridge Alberta
  • By Appointment Only
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Did you know most products are handmade in house therefore appointment availability is limited as we save time to create each piece

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