St. John New Newfoundland Wee Piggies

St. John’s, Newfoundland

I know how important it is to capture what we can when it comes to our babies. I love it when a parent stops by for their heirloom and mum needs a Kleenex before she leaves. She knows that she has a piece of her baby captured in time!

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Charlotte Dinham

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  • Charlotte Dinham
  • 709-746-1516
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Did you know most products are handmade in house therefore appointment availability is limited as we save time to create each piece

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Community Partners

Toys-R-Us (in the baby section) – Kenmount Road

UC baby – Woodgate Plaza at Kenmount Road

Sears Portrait Photo Studio – Avalon Mall

Sears (in the baby section) – Avalon Mall

Samples can also be seen at various locations in the Health Science Center, obstetricians, medical and breastfeeding clinics throughout St.John’s and surrounding areas.

St. John’s in the News

St. Johns Wee Piggies in the news

Wee Piggies St. John’s was featured on NTV in September 2010

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