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Welcome to my webpage,

I am a mother of  4+ wonderful, vibrant children (# 5 making a surprise entrance in the new year).
I have each of my children’s hand and footprints captured in Shadow Boxes; I fell so much in love with them that I became the Niagara representative.  I welcome you and will happily help you capture a precious moment in time!

Children grow up really fast. Have a look around the website to see all the wonderful keepsakes I can produce for you to remind you of the joys of their development.  Each item is individually made and incredibly beautiful and detailed.

Let me assist you in capturing that special moment in your young child’s development in a work of art that you will treasure forever.  

I hope to see you soon! 

Eva Brown

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  • Eva Brown
  • 289-668-2181
  • St. Catharines  (West)
  • By Appointment Only
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Did you know most products are handmade in house therefore appointment availability is limited as we save time to create each piece

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