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How is WP Creations Improving our Carbon Footprint?

WP Creations is proud to be taking steps in the right direction to reduce our carbon footprint.

We are in the business of creating keepsakes of moments in time which makes us all too familiar on how quickly time goes by. If we want our kids to grow up in an environmentally safe world, we need to act fast. We are determined to take steps to reduce waste which also comes at a cost savings to our franchisees.

Here are some of the changes we have made over the last little while and look forward to continue to make changes wherever possible.

Plastic Bags: We are using up the last of any plastic bags and are moving to paper bags for pick up.  They are recyclable and biodegradable and have been weight tested to support the needs of carrying our precious products.

Poly Bags: Mixing our moulding material and cement is as much of an art as a science and plays a key roll in the success of our ability to lifecast.  We will be transitioning our artists from the mix-in-bag technique to mix in bowl technique thus reducing the need to for poly bags.  It is common practice in the art industry therefore it will allow our artists to have even smoother materials to work with. Our kits currently require the poly bag process until an alternative is found.

Containers: We are making changes in the plastics we use to cast with to ensure they are more widely recyclable.  We currently re use our plastics therefore are not single use but we recognize for our kits, that they are single use. Therefore, we have begun substituting many of our plastics so that they may be recycled in most communities.

Jewelry Packaging: It is important to us that we provide all the necessary packaging to help keep your jewelry long lasting therefore a jewelry cloth and a small plastic bag to keep your sterling silver stored in when not being warn is still provided.  We have however moved from organza bags that are usually made from silk or polyester to a burlap bag that is eco-friendly, disposable and biodegradable.

Moulding Material: Is a form of custom dental alginate that is a safe, quick casting material used by dentists to make impressions of your mouth.  It is safe to eat, hypoallergenic and compostable.

Promotional Marketing: With limited use of cello bags we have reduced our plastic use by 75%.

Shipping: Our previous business model had each location driving around to several stores or shipping in from several locations supplies that were needed to maintain the business.  Now with bulk orders and most items being available directly through our head office, we have reduced the amount of unnecessary driving and shipping.  This has also saved our franchisees with young children time and convenience.

We are continuously looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and welcome any feedback you may have.

Please email us here should you have any suggestions.

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