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Our Materials

Our products are handmade with love.  Our materials have been carefully chosen and are used at each location across Canada.

Moulding Material:  Is a form of custom dental alginate that is a safe, quick casting material used by dentists to make impression of your mouth.  It is safe to eat, hypoallergenic and compostable.

Cement: is used after any mould or impression is taken therefore it never comes into contact with your baby’s skin.  It  is an upgrade from a standard plaster product to one that has a higher degree of hardness and impact resistance.

Jewelry Putty: Our mold putty can be used with chocolate, food, wax, soap, polymer clay, ice, and even resin. It is  non-toxic and certified to be safe for use with food.

Impression  Material: Is a clay that has been custom softened for us to allow for delicate impressions.  Clay when used wet/soft is not hazardous.

Due to the possibility of our suppliers and materials changing without notice, we cannot guarantee the ingredients used in our materials to not be altered or changed at any given time. Although adverse reactions are extremely rare, due to the level and number of allergies and/or reactions to even natural substances today, we suggest that if you have any concerns, to please refrain from making a purchase.

Several of our products require a small amount of pressure that however rare, from time to have have left bruising on arms and legs and/or hands and feet.  We suggest that if you have any concerns, to please refrain from making a purchase

Should you choose to have a product made and in the event that there is an issue, 2015108 Ontario Inc. our franchisees and our representatives are not liable for any reactions, allergies to materials, acts, damages to clothing and/or property or claims of any kind which may arise.

Should you not be satisfied with any of the terms, conditions, policies, disclaimers found here on WPCreations.com we do recommend that you refrain from making a purchase.

Visit our FAQ for more detailed updates about our products.

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