Classic Mini (Glassless) – Raised Impression

Frame Price starting at $55.00
**Raised Impression +$30 each

Imagine looking back at those precious little hands and feet 20 years from now. Small doesn’t stay small forever.


Our classic minis are an attractive way to display and secure your unframed impressions.


Frame shells and mat colours available are black, white, espresso, and grey. Various colour combinations of each are available to match your specific tastes and decor.


Frames come in sizes ranging from a single window, to a triple window with room for raised impressions and a photo if you choose. We also have a line of signature frames that are a little different than our standard frames.

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Price includes
Standard frame size with a standard mat system

Standard frame & mats
Black frame with white or black mat system.

+ $30 for One single impression of hand or footprint
Hands – up to 5 years of age
Feet – up to 12 months of age
Pets – we take pet impressions too +$35

Multi Impression (2 hands, or 2 feet or 1 hand and 2 foot available) + $40

Optional Ribbon Available (pink, blue, ivory or white)

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Price includes

**Frame price does not include raised impressions.

Frame: Black, Grey, White, Espresso
Mats: standard mat systems

The frame opening can fit one raised impression of a hand or foot
Hand under 5 years of age or foot under 1 year of age

May not fit all ages

**A unique feature of this frame is that it has no glass…so you’re actually able to touch your child’s hands and feet.

Due to the fact that this product is handmade and tools and materials change and evolve over time, sizes may vary up to 1/4″ – 1/2″ larger or smaller than listed.  

Additional Costs May Apply

Raised Impression and any additional Impressions starting at $30