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$ 120.00

Simply choose which size crystal block you’d like and upload your photo
8×5 cm (max 2 faces) $120
6×9 cm (max 5 faces) $190
12×8 cm (max 5 faces) $245
(custom engraving available for + $15)

An incredibly beautiful way to capture photos! The pure clarity of crystal, when it catches the light in just the right way is truly breath taking. Have your favourite photo laser etched in a crystal block to create a 3D photo or a crystal ornament to create a 2D photo. Crystal blocks come in a variety of sizes and our ornaments while available all year long, are very popular during the Christmas season. Beautiful display pieces, high quality and durable. Available option to include a light up base to enhance the light effects of your crystal.





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Crystal Photo Blocks - FREE SHIPPING

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3D is the ultimate when it comes to laser etched photo crystals. This effect works best on photos of people as it enables the designer to produce a unique extrusion that make it look like the person is REALLY inside the crystal. Take a look at the crystal from the side and the nose actually protrudes out. It is our most popular affect.

Please note 3D crystals are for faces of people or pets and include the faces and partial chest.

Good news! Once you make your purchase, our Crystal artist will begin converting your image.

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