Inkless DIY Hand/Footprint Kits

$ 15.00

Create an ink print with no mess! Is it possible?
DIY inkless print  kits starting at $15.00

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Yes!  Your child will have no ink on their hands and feet when you use our Inkless Print System. Simply open our special wipe, wipe your child’s hand/foot on the specially treated paper and voila!  Your print appears with no ink on your child’s hands/feet.

This system is used commonly throughout the world in police stations, hospitals, and birthing centers, etc. Our supplier became the exclusive provider of fingerprint materials for the National Child Identification Program in 2005.

They were also distributed through the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) and the National Children Identification Program to distribute child identification kits to families.

These kits are great for:

  • People who want prints of any age (especially if they don’t fit on the circle)
  • Gift additions to baby shower purchases
  • Tattoos (however it’s important to note that not all fine lines are always shown in an inkless kit)
  • Prints for any of our canvas, jewelry and crystal product lines


*How to take print steps below and with instructions that comes with kit



Each Kit Contains:

  • One specially treated wipe
  • One specially treated 8.5×11 paper with WP Creations content on the backside (so now you’ll know which side is treated to take the print on)
  • How to take print steps
  • Retail Packaging & Branding

Safe – Easy – Clean


  • Place your treated paper onto a firm surface (a large heavy book is best) with the blank side facing upwards
  • Make sure hand or foot is clean – perhaps wipe with a damp cloth
  • Once the inkless wipe is opened, it must be used within half an hour (you can refold it and replace in its packet for a few minutes if required).

Step 1 Wipe

  • Open the inkless wipe and rub it thoroughly over the hand, foot or paw if for  pets.  The wipe feels pretty dry which is normal.
  • Wipe the entire surface of the hand, foot or paw including fingers and toes.
  • Wash your own hands or put on gloves to prevent leaving your own prints on the treated paper

Step 2 Press

  • Place the treated paper on a hard surface – large, heavy books work well
  • Firmly hold the wrist or ankle and gently press the hand or foot onto the treated paper.
  • Make sure the whole surface of the hand or foot is touching the paper
  • If you hold the hand/foot/finger down, the slight shifting of the print will remove any possibility of detail
  • Carefully lift it off the paper

Step 3 Print

  • Gradually a detailed print will appear

Step 4 Wash hand/feet