Hand/Footprint Jewelry

Price starting at $155.00

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A very special way to create a hand and foot keepsake! Our hand/food print jewelry is different from our fingerprint jewelry in that the entire outline of the hand or foot is transferred onto the pendant. While it does not show the fine lines and details in the same way, it does create an opportunity to remember the exact shape and look of an entire hand or foot. Many of our clients prefer this idea and have enjoyed the fact that the hands and feet can be used to for words! “Love” can be made using two feet for the V and a hand for the O, for example.


Hand or footprint can be made from an ink print you already have, a picture of your child’s hand or footprint or from one of our inkless print kits. It is a no mess, quick process to take the print using an inkless print kit. The print gets sent in and your part is done and our jewellers continue the process.

Name stamping available up to 7-8 letters however only 2 characters recommended for best appearance
Swarovski birthstone crystals available as an additional add on.
Pendants are available on their own, on a necklace or a keychain.

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Price includes
One heart, circle or oval hand or footprint silver pendant and sterling silver chain OR keyring. Multi prints or dog tags pendants an extra $30.

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  • Fine silver pendant with one handprint at any age – prints will be scaled down to size
  • The pendant print is an outline of the shape of the hand or foot and rarely do the fine lines in the hands appear.
  • Your choice of heart, circle, oval, actual shape being hand-cut
  • The positioning of handprint up to the jewelry studio
  • Two letters can be etched into the back of the pendant but are handcrafted and used just for reference if you have multiple prints.
  • Two letters  can be hand stamped on the front of the pendant – more characters crowd the image, therefore, we restrict to two characters
  • Letters are only available in lower case font
  • You might also like to upgrade and add a birthstone to indicate which print belongs to which member of your family
  • Each handcrafted piece is unique. No two prints ever alike

Single Print – One hand or one foot
*Your choice of heart (2cmx1.5cm), circle (1.5cmx1.5cm), Oval 1.5cmx1cm),  actual hand-cut around shape (1.5cmx1.5cm) or upgrade to a dog tag

Multi Print – One hand and one foot OR two hands OR two feet
*Price is $30 more as the pendant is larger in size

Love Print – One hand and two feet in a rectangle or square pendant
*Price is $30 more as the pendant is larger in size

Sterling Silver Chain

Includes 14, 16, 18, 20 or 24-inch sterling silver chain
Jewelry cloth & pouch for safekeeping


In lieu of a sterling silver chain, you may order a stainless steel keyring with a sterling silver rolo chain attached to the pendant.  The price will then be reduced by $30.  Choose from our small or large keyring.


There are no refunds on any of our handcrafted pieces.  No two people are alike therefore no two keepsakes are alikePurchase Options:

ShopOnline at one of our Canadian locations. Place your order and a representative will be in touch with you to arrange the final details of your order.

How to get ink handprints:

a) Provide your own – use the upload file and upload your ink print
b) Don’t have a handprint?  No worries. You can order an inkless print kit with your pendant. Kit ordering instructions available when ordering pendant above. Just be sure to reference your order number when you send in your prints.
c)  Use your own ink/paint materials and take a picture or scanned copy of the page of your prints and email it to Jamie@WPCreations.com  Remember we do recommend 600 dpi whenever possible.  The higher the resolution, the better.
d) Send us a picture of your child’s hand or foot.  Tip: if you want an open hand, place the hand over a main floor window and take a picture from the other side.  Try to avoid shadows on one side of the print and not the other. The shadow should be consistent.






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Choking hazard – keep all jewelry out of reach of children who may mouth, swallow or play with these items