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Safety First

We’ve taken a common material and adjusted it to meet our safety and quality standards.

Our 3d casts are made from our custom moulding material formula mirroring Alginate – a material that dentists use in peoples mouths all around the world.  Our version of ‘Alginate’ has been customized to have a quicker set time thus allowing us to successfully create lifecasts of children’s hands and footprints.

After all, kids are busy and babies move right?  

WP Creations LifeCasting Video Series

Opening a LifeCast of a 7 week old
Taking a cast and opening it of a 3 year old
LifeCasting Frequently Asked Questions

The moulding material we use is made exclusively for us; it is a comfortable ‘bathwater warm’ temperature, free of dyes and perfumes,  and safe to use on baby’s delicate skin. The hand or foot will be in the (bathwater warm) mold material for approximately 60 seconds in total.
During that time, the child can wiggle and move for the first 20-30 seconds, after which a setting process occurs which turns the liquid into a gel-like solid.
When mold material starts to set, we strive for as little movement as possible in order to capture lots of detail.
During the ‘setting time’ (which lasts approximately 6-10 seconds) we will distract your child until the mold sets to a soft rubber texture.
Remember, even while setting, the temperature is comfortably warm, often young babies do not notice or mind.
After the mold is set, we gently remove the hand or foot from the mold – and your part is done.

  1. Determine the number and types of casts:  Do you want two hands, two feet or both?  Who wants to live with regrets right.  This is your keepsake so there is no right or wrong.  Most families either go with two hands & two feet or one hand & one foot.  But how do you choose?  Do you want the right hand /left foot or left hand/right foot?  Fussy details like rights and lefts can be determined at the time of your appointment.  You just need to know what you think you might want.
  2. Decide if you want them left unframed, mounted on granite, or professionally mounted in a frame.  We now offer the casts unmounted(do we need this?) As the leaders in lifecasting babies in Canada, we were always so careful with our casts and feel they are best protected when they are mounted.  With that being said, we’ve realized, parents might want a little more flexibility in display so if our options don’t suit your needs, no problem at all, you can now purchase your casts unmounted.  Just know that with all the different options of materials to adhere them to, we won’t be able to guide you with that as our area of expertise rests with the materials we are most familiar with…our own.
  3. Find a lifecasting artist nearest you to have your precious keepsake created (almost 50 locations across Canada) Book Online
  4. During your appointment:
    1. Choose your frame or granite style (if applicable)
    2. Select your casting finish (pearl, mat, natural)
    3. Decide your frame & mat color – neutral colors are always most recommended
    4. Choose what you’d like us to engrave on your frame.  Keeping it simple is most recommended with your child’s name and age at time of castings
  5. We then take your the moulds for your 3d casts
  6. Once you leave we begin working on your products.  This work is done in house and not shipped away. We pour the moulds, wait for them to dry, carefully open them, clean them, prep them and await for them to dry.  We do not use a kiln.
  7. Your frame gets ordered with our monthly order (we often wait for your picture before doing this so that we can ensure proper layout of the frame)
  8. Once your frame arrives and your casts have been sealed/pearled/left natural, we professionally mount the photo to a picture board so that it doesn’t not wilt over time and we adhere your casts with our few step process.  After the curing has finished with your photo and casts, we are then able to professionally frame your keepsakes with their corresponding engraving and mat choices.  Hardware is then installed to the back of the frame.
  9. Now that when your frame is complete, we’ll reach out to you via email and phone to arrange pick up within 3 weeks of completion.  Given the many steps for each keepsake, we ask that you adhere to this 3 week timeframe so that we’re able to make room for the keepsakes other families have ordered.

The question we like to ask you is what would you like to have captured as a memory frozen in time for years to come.  Would you prefer having your child cast while their hands/feet are still very small or would you like to capture a milestone?  We have cast babies as young as 1 day old to adults at 86.  The choice is ultimately yours. …. There may, however, be size restrictions on certain styles of products.

Shadow Boxes/LifeCast Statues/Classic Mini with Casts: Casts for Shadow Boxes and LifeCasts can be done at any age. There may, however, be size restrictions on certain styles.  Most shadow box styles contain casts with children under 12 months unless you see it’s a sibling/family shadow box.
Please contact the LifeCasting Artist closest to you, they will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Having baby a little more relaxed can help with your WP Creations’ experience. Therefore, following some of the suggestions below will make your experience with us even more amazing.

  • Plan to have your baby arrive a little sleepy (but not overtired)
  • Perhaps waking the baby earlier in the morning or from a nap, and/or bathing him/her before you come might be helpful if you’re willing
  • If there is a favourite toy or rattle for your baby, please bring that too as it can be very helpful as a distraction
  • Feeding baby during a lifecasting appointment is the best distraction for the casting process. 
  • I appreciate your understanding in possibly altering his/her regular schedule for the appointment.  Having baby calm during casting will ensure we get as detailed of prints as possible, and will avoid having to book a second appointment, which may be necessary if detailed casts are not achieved. Similarly, we may have to look at other comparable keepsakes if attempts at good casts are unsuccessful.
  • Please trim your child’s nails prior to your arrival

How long will my child have to remain still?
Remember, we are trained professionals and have mastered the art of capturing prints of wiggly hands and feet.
Our system of capturing prints and our unique mold material (free of dye or perfume) will make the process easier than you may think.
We will guide you and your child through the process and we will work with you to ensure we capture the best print possible.

My baby/child moves a lot and won’t sit still. Will you still be able to cast them?
Yes, as Canada’s original baby LifeCasting company (since 2001), we have plenty of experience working with babies and children.
In other words – we know what we are doing! If we’re unable to capture the quality piece at your first appointment, we will call you back to try again (although it is rare that we wouldn’t be able to capture your child’s prints at their initial appointment)

There is no way to control the positioning or final placement of the child’s hand or foot. Babies are unpredictable, by nature, and will move freely in our mold material until the “30-second setting period.” The child’s hand/foot position at this ‘set time’ time will determine its final position. The same holds true for our raised impressions.  Sometimes the fingers or toes are placed closer together and sometimes they are spread apart.
Although we will try our best, as mentioned above, there are no guarantees on hand/foot placement or positioning.  After all, this is what makes it unique to your baby.
For this reason, we cannot offer refunds based on things that are out of our control.

Even though our moulding material comes off extremely easy from baby and children’s delicate skin, it tends to adhere to anything that is porous.  So please neither parent or child should wear their best attire. Nor should you bring any facecloths or blankets that are your favourite just in case they should come into contact with our material.

Most appointments are typically an hour but depending on the age of the child and type of frame you’re ordering, the LifeCasting Artist might book you in for an hour.  The lifecasting portion of the appointment typically takes far less time than deciding on how you want your item customized.

No two children are alike therefore no two keepsakes .  Suppliers, paints, materials, engraving options and sizes change and evolve over time.

We cannot guarantee that your new keepsake will look exactly like the others.  In fact, it’s safe to say every keepsake will be different therefore there are no refunds on any keepsake which is deemed a quality piece by our head office.

Cleaning: When cleaning it is recommended to lightly dust using a cloth or duster.  Avoid applying any water or cleaning products to the casts as this can cause them to turn mouldy & deteriorate.

Framing:Discolouration can happen overtime especially if not mounted behind glass in a frame.  Therefore the best way to prevent this is to have them mounted in a frame with glass.

Finishing: Our castings come in three finishes; Natural, Sealer and Pearl

Natural Finish: There is no protective coating on the product.  Therefore if it comes in contact with water or a water substance you run the risk of damaging the product either through deterioration or causing the product to become mouldy.
Cleaning – Recommended to use a duster or dry cloth

Sealer Finish: Over time if exposed to direct sun the casts could run the risk of turning yellow.
Best to keep your product out of the direct sunlight as well as avoid contact with water or water substances you run the risk of damaging the product either through deterioration or causing the product to become mouldy.
Cleaning – Recommended to use a duster or dry cloth

Pear Finish: Recommended. Our pearl finish is recommended as it is the stronger finish.  Over time it keeps its finish however, as with the sealer and natural finishes it is best to keep them out of direct sunlight.  Avoid contact with water or a water substance you run the risk of damaging the product either through deterioration or causing the product to become mouldy.

Cleaning – Recommended to use a duster or dry cloth

Shadow Boxes: completed in 8 weeks
LifeCast Statues: completed in 6 weeks
Classic Mini: Completed in 4 weeks
All items MUST be picked up within 3 weeks of being notified they are completed

If I’m ordering a LifeCast Statue, what colour/style of granite do you offer?
Every piece of granite, as the Statue it is holding, is unique, no two pieces are alike.
Colours and sizes will vary by location. Please let your local WP Creations’ representative know if you prefer a light or dark colour, as well as a larger or smaller piece of granite. They will do their best to accommodate you, however there is never an exact match.

Do you ship your castings away to be made?
We are proud to say we create all of our castings on-site in our studios and workshops.
This way we can spend careful time and attention on each one as required.
Professional framing is also done on-site.

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