Single Window Shadow Box

Frame Price starting at $90.00
**Casts are + $50 each for children under 12 months. $75 each for 13 months+

Having a shadowbox made is one of those decisions in life you are forever grateful you said yes to! Imagine looking back at those precious little hands and feet 20 years from now. Small doesn’t stay small forever.


Our shadowboxes are the best way to protect your 3D life casts. High-quality materials made to ensure the longevity of your casts. Frame shells and mat colours available are black, white, espresso, and grey. Various colour combinations of each are available to match your specific tastes and decor.

Frames come in sizes ranging from a single window, to a triple window with room for casts and a photo if you choose. We also have a line of signature frames that are a little different than our standard frames.

Price starting at $75.00

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Price includes
Standard frame size with a standard mat system

Standard frame & mats
Grey, black, white or espresso frame with complimentary standard mat systems

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Important Details:
**Frame price does not include casts. See below for pricing
  • Frame opening can fit up to two 3d casts depending on the size of casts.  In the event we’re working with an older child/baby, we might only be able to include one cast in this size frame. Custom frame sizing not available.
  • Product options vary each year, therefore, we might not be able to match any previous frame style/color etc.
  • We cannot guarantee the position of the child’s hand or feet.  It’s up to the child whether their hand will be open or closed or whether their toes will be spread or curled…after all…that’s what makes it so unique!

Additional Costs May Apply

Casts are + $50 each for children under 12 months. $75 each for 13 months+
Custom frame and mat colours

Deep frame if casts depth is not standard