Unframed – Pet Raised Impression

Price starting at $35.00

Our pets deserve as much unconditional love in return as they’ve given us over the years.


Raised impressions are impressions taken with a soft impression material and created into a beautiful 2D print of your fur baby’s paw. These cost-effective keepsakes make great gift ideas as you can have multiples created from the same one impression! Shaped into a heart or a circle, unframed raised impressions are a great option for those looking for a smaller, portable keepsake while still capturing the lines and wrinkles of paw print!


Pet impressions can be framed!

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Price includes
A single unframed raised impression

One single impression of your pet’s paw

Multi Impression (2 paws in the same impression) + $10

Optional Ribbon Available (pink, blue, ivory or white)

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Important Details:

  • Cannot guarantee placement or size of ribbon
  • Ribbon tones sometimes brighter and sometimes softer depending on what’s in stock with the supplier
  • Due to the fact that this product is handmade and tools and materials change and evolve over time, sizes may vary up to 1/4″ – 1/2″ larger or smaller than listed.
  • Product options vary each year, therefore, we might not be able to match any previous style/color etc.

Additional Costs May Apply

Framing & Engraving – Click here for more information about frames
Multi impression