Unmounted 3D Full Casts

Price starting at $50.00
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*Purchase options might be different at each location based on the age of the hand and the amount of material required.








Price includes

A 3d replica of your child’s hand or foot helping you remember the look and feel of those precious little details.

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WP Creations has been lifecasting since 2001 and we’re very excited to now be able to offer you another line of our LifeCasting products – unmounted casts

Price Includes

One cast (any age) – hand cast is is taken using a bucket mould process thus is a deeper cast than a flat hand cast

Additional Costs May Apply

Mounting it to granite or within any of our frames
Additional casts + $50 each

*Children: Cannot guarantee position of a child’s hands or feet.  It’s up to the child whether their hand will be open or closed or whether their toes will be spread or curled…after all…that’s what makes it so unique!