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Sonali T

Hello and welcome to WP Creations Etobicoke! If you are here, I assume you are looking to create lasting memories for your littles, pets, or yourselves! I would be glad to make this happen! Since these keepsakes are special and your trust is much appreciated, I’d love to introduce myself as your artist and memory creator.

I am Sonali. Mine is a million-dollar family with my husband, son, and daughter.  A gifted creative soul, as my friends call me, I attribute this title to my literary, art-loving, and theatre-practicing family background. Growing up I learned, explored, and displayed the skills of dancing, music, theatre, drawing, clay modeling, and crafts, to name a few. Arts are my love while Writing is my passion which I bring to life through my parenting, pregnancy, and maternity blog called “Babies n Mii”. I am a published author with two books under my belt.

Personally, I love creating memories and keepsakes for my kids and family. This is why I am your artist at WP Creations! It perfectly blends my love for keepsakes with my desire to create lasting memories for you and yours. Remember, time flies, but memories last…forever.



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