About Us

Our Team & Awards

Ashley, President & CEO

She began her journey in 2017 with WP Creations when she purchased one of the
franchised locations. Her strong ability as a franchisee made her an immediate asset as the
company’s Business Coach. She’s passionate about supporting the personal and professional growth of the women entrepreneur.

In 2020, she’s grown her involvement with head office by purchasing into the WP Creations
brand and is now a director/officer of the company.

Jenna, Product & Quality Manager

Jenna began her journey with WP Creations in 2013 as a franchise owner. Throughout her time she realized her passion was in creating quality keepsakes for families to treasure.

Now as the product and quality manager, she’s able to help current franchise owners create the best possible keepsakes.  She comes with over a decade of experience and many tips and tricks that serve the lifecasting industry well.

Sarah, Social Media & Marketing Manager

Sarah’s love for the all WP Creations products shines as she captures photos and videos of many precious keepsakes.

Her passion supports our vision of seeing our keepsakes in every families home.  By sharing her social media and marketing talents with our brand and our team, she’s able to reach many more families to show them the beauty of our keepsakes.

Our Franchise Partners

Our franchise partners are the foundation and the fundamental core of WP Creations. They efficiently manage their own businesses and take the utmost pride in their workmanship. Their commitment to our brand is what makes our products so unique and special. They know the significance of what they create and what it means to our customers. They are dedicated, knowledgeable, courteous, and warmly welcome you into their at home studios where the process of creating a one of a kind keepsake begins.

Over their time with WP Creations, our artists not only flourish in business but they flourish in their personal growth as well. The nonstop learning about themselves, the personal growth and stepping outside of their boxes is something that all our franchise partners take away from the experience of owning their own business.

WP Creations Awards

On April 3, 2023, The Canadian Franchise Association awarded WP Creations with two awards at their Annual Conference and Awards Gala. The Franchise Choice Designation for our 5th consecutive year and the Gold Awards of Excellence voted on behalf of our franchise partners.

“We take great pride in these awards, not just on behalf our head office team, but on behalf of our franchise partners. Because of the hard work, dedication to the company, and passion as entrepreneurs, our franchise partners and their level of excellence is what has provided our community with service and product that we can be proud of. We are humbled by these awards and are incredibly proud to look back on our journey with this company. Being able to see where it started, and where we are today, is powerful.

We are so excited to see what the next many years have in store!”

Ashley Boudreau – President & CEO of WP Creations