About Us

Our Values & Mission


Our littles are so precious to all of us.

Cleaning with young children is a busy task for any parent however we work diligently to keep our work environments, our tools and our toys as clean and safe as possible.

Our innovations have allowed us to safely offer additional ways to capture precious keepsakes.


We dry shampoo when we need to. When you’re a mama, judgement gets taken off the table.

We offer support, kindness, empathy, and empowerment.


Being a parent is a new journey. It requires time, love, compassion, and community. The days rarely go as planned. Life happens. Let’s work together.

We share our stories, our connections, and our differences.

We share experiences and learn from one another.

Our Mission

Through innovation and technology, WP Creations safely helps families in remembering the look and feel of their baby’s precious little hands and feet. After all, small doesn’t stay small forever.

Our Vision

To successfully work together with families to create a lasting memory of their baby’s hands and feet. We’d love to see our keepsakes in every family’s home.