About Us

Our Purchase Process

Through innovation and technology, WP Creation’s mission is to safely help families in remembering the look and feel of their baby’s precious little hands and feet. After all, small doesn’t stay small forever.

Local Clients
In Person

To have any of our raised impression and lifecasts or shadow boxes created, you must book an appointment at any one of our Canadian locations.

Local Clients

To have any of our products created, you can book a session to pick up the materials, then a session to be guided on how to create the moulds. You’ll then arrange a time to drop off the moulds the same day you picked them up and our artists will complete the work for you.

Out-of-Town or
for a DIY Experience

We now offer kits that guide you through the entire lifecasting process. Connect with any of our artists to order either our raised impression or lifecasting kits.

3D Digital

New – 3d casts made from your photos! Simply join one of our artists for a video session to capture photos of your baby’s hands and feet.  You’ll gather detailed photos and measurements and we’ll do the rest! Valid for babies 12 months and younger. Click here to connect with an artist or to shop online.


If you need any assistance in booking an appointment at one of our locations, you can always contact a member from our head office team at: