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Who We Are

WP Creations is an award-winning Canadian Franchise Company. Recognized by the Canadian Franchise Association as an Award of Excellence recipient, we are a company designed to cultivate the individual artist and business owner as well as provide excellent customer service to our clients.

We are a team of women helping to support one another as entrepreneurs, moms, and individuals. We are leaders in our field and are a company that supports the growth and empowerment of ourselves and each other.

Based on the concept of what the ‘perfect’ work-at-home business would mean to someone requiring flexibility in their work hours, WP Creations experienced growth at an astounding rate, becoming one of the fastest-growing Home-Based businesses in Canada. We started as an award-winning work-at-home concept and have since grown into a Canada wide franchised company with business opportunities throughout North America.

Business owners receive professional hands-on training not only on ‘how’ to produce products, but resources on how to market and develop their business over time.

The sense of pride in owning your own business, while having the flexibility to work around your family’s schedule enables women to achieve the ‘balance’ many desire.

With over 30 locations throughout North America, and a Head Office developing the business full-time, our business owners never feel like they are in business alone, therefore greatly increasing the chances of success!

In the end, we are a proud team of franchise owners who have a love of our product and have a desire to create memorable keepsakes for all who come to see us.


Meet Ashley, Director/Officer & Franchisor

She began her journey in 2017 with WP Creations when she purchased one of the franchised locations.  Her strong ability as a franchisee made her an immediate asset as the company’s Business Coach.  She’s successfully been able to coach several of the new and existing franchisees.  In 2020, she’s grown her involvement with head office by purchasing into the WP Creations brand and is now the director/officer of the company. We look forward to seeing the opportunities that Ashley brings to WP Creations.


Meet Jamie, Franchisor

After her time as a successful franchisee, Jamie joined head office early on in 2013. She continued on in this capacity until completely taking over as  Franchisor.  Jamie has a knack for business, a background in training and sales and a passion and drive for this business. She was able to take the Wee Piggies foundation and mold it (pun intended!) into a successful business model. With over 30 locations currently, she has introduced a newer system equipped with even more franchisee and team support, new hands-on training and an on-going coach-team support system. The name has since changed to WP Creations but despite the name change, increase in brand awareness and brand consistency, Jamie has still managed to keep the tried and true traditions of what the company was founded on, meanwhile keeping up with the ever-changing world of marketing, technology, and social media. The morale of the company is strongly due to her ability to create a supportive work environment despite everyone being distant geographically. Franchisees feel included, heard, feel validated and feel supported.


Our Franchisees

Our franchisees are the foundation and the fundamental core of WP Creations. They efficiently manage their own businesses and take the utmost pride in their workmanship. Their commitment to our brand is what makes our products so unique and special. They know the significance of what they create and what it means to our customers. They are dedicated, knowledgeable, courteous, and warmly welcome you into their at home studios where the process of creating a one of a kind keepsake begins.

Over their time with WP Creations, our artists not only flourish in business but they flourish in their personal growth as well. The nonstop learning about themselves, the personal growth and stepping outside of their boxes is something that all our franchisees take away from the experience of owning their own business.


The Company’s Founder

When Debbie Cornelius, our founder, decided she wanted to create a keepsake to capture a memory of her children for her husband, she did just that. Created something. Little did she know at the time, she had just planted a seed.

Wanting to capture her child’s hand and footprints, Debbie figured out a way to create impressions of them in bronze plaques.

When her keepsake caught on people would drive hours to see her to have one made for themselves. This is how her business Pat-A-Cakes began. It quickly caught on as the perfect work at home opportunity for moms and in 2001, with a name change to Wee Piggies and Paws, it became an official National Franchise work-at-home opportunity. As popularity amongst moms increased, so did franchise owner expansion. The choice to Franchise came from a belief of hers that if you are going to do something, you should do it right and give it all you’ve got!

Over the years, product development continued. Creating new ideas, new products, through trial and error, growth and learning, some products stayed and some products went.

Wee Piggies and Paws became associated with beautiful 3D lifecasts, whether statues or as a shadowbox and up to this day they are one of our most cherished keepsakes.

Debbie and her company gained media attention, awards, widespread recognition. In no time, she needed a head office, partners and an entire support team!

As life happens, people evolve. There came a time when Debbie decided it was the best thing for her and her family to move on from Wee Piggies. Her business was her baby. Her baby was growing up and it was time for her to let it go. Knowing she was leaving it in the best possible hands, Debbie retired. Looking back, Debbie is so proud of how this business has grown, what it has developed into and mostly what it means to franchisees and their families.

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